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Trying to choose your favorite post is a little bit like trying to choose your favorite child. They are all my babies and hold a special place in my heart so I let you do all the hard work! 😛 I went with the ones that have really resonated with people or has constantly had the most views. Thank you again for taking the time out to check out this little crazy blog, I really appreciate it and am so very humbled.


10 Secrets to Losing Weight from a FF (Former Fatty).

“Don’t do it for the “Holy shit, you got hot!”, do it for the confidence building, inside repairing, self-worth that says you are important and you matter.”

Marriage Is Hard Work.

“I came into this marriage with my eyes wide open and jaded and heart broken by all that I knew could go wrong in a marriage. I was honest with J at the start and he knew my story. We were friends first, so he was brutally aware about how I felt about marriage and love. I did not mince my words on what I had been through, and as we got closer and closer, I didn’t just tell him the Cliff Notes version, I told him the detailed ugly ugly and he didn’t flinch. He didn’t even run.”

Of Paper Dresses and A Mama’s Love.

“I want so so so much for these children that I’m afraid to have. And in this diabolical puzzle of wanting and needing but unmoving, my strong and steady would stroke my hair as we fell asleep, his quiet confidence adding so much beauty to my narrative. “I am here. I am here even when you are scared and confused. I am here even in the wandering and the best laid plans. I am here and we are in this together because I will always wait for you.” And even as I feel the time bomb ticking down, I am mesmerized by this man that reminds me to walk on water. That grace is redeeming and grace will carry us through.

10 Flawless ((MUST HAVE)) Make Up & Tricks

“I figured I already proudly copped up to being a former fatty, so let’s just keep it real and have you know, it’s alllllllllll just mineral paste and smoke screens! :P WHAT?! YES! And now, I’mma gonna tell you how!”

The why.

“We will live out his dreams, because those are ours too. And we will write them down, and we will live out loud. And someday, our children’s children will know who we were and what we loved and they will remember to have courage, to dream big, to always always listen to your heart.”

An Anniversary Love Letter: He Showed Up.

“Every year, on Dec 4th, squished in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we celebrate our beginning, our little that has led to so so many bigs. And I write my friend – then best friend – then boyfriend – then fiance – now husband a love letter just to say, I see you, and I love you. ”

Reclaiming Christmas

“We are a band of sisters, tied together by the unimaginable and pieced together with broken dreams and hopes that scream with faith to hold on for just a little longer because He has got you. This is for you if this is a first or a fifteenth, if you’ve ever had to glue pieces of your heart together through a holiday, or if you’re wondering just how you will reclaim when you’re not sure if you will even make it through. This is for you. We’ve all been here, in different ways and different stories. You are not alone.

Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

“Washi tape is my love. You can use it for just about anything. It’s personalized, it adds a little something, it’s functional, and it’s so damn pretty to look at. Also, it’s kind of stupid easy to use. You just cut, tape, and it’s instant magic.”

Dear Seventeen-Year-Old Self

“When you figure out who your friends are and those who are just curious, be loyal. Remember that you can’t win them all, remember that when people throw sticks and stones, that they are piecing together their broken pieces too. You don’t know their stories, and you don’t understand their ugly, but you do know yours, and you are always worth walking away. It is not your job to make them like you or accept you, and it is certainly not your job to save them. Walk away Racheal.”

Thanksgiving Tour 2013

This is the heart of a party, whether small or large, whether fancy or real, it’s about gathering with the people you love and love you back and celebrating the good. And there is always so so much good.

New Year Resolutions. 

“I lost almost 50lbs and 4 dress sizes and learned that the number on a weighing scale will never define my worth. That that was not how my beauty was defined all along.” And while watching the sun set in France from one side of the boardwalk in Nice to the other, we basked in the glory of God’s incredible artistry. That humbling moment where I realized that the very God that made this, made me too. As flawed and broken and not enough I felt, He knit me together and He will not be dismayed.

Oh, sweet love.

“She was worried about her surprise, if it was good enough, special enough, worthy enough. And I smiled, remembering J and I’s sweet firsts, that nervous anticipation of when you don’t quite know someone yet, but you do know that the smile he smiles when he’s so damn happy, makes all the butterflies in your tummy go into a frenzy. And you know, you just know, that you will chase this high for the rest of your life. You will spend the rest of your life making him this happy because your heart falls in love over and over again every time.”

Spicy Rustic Arrabiata with Italian Sausage

“I cook comfort food. My friend Nick lovingly calls it “Racheal’s rustic feed-an-army cooking”. It is not glamorous, and it more than likely involves buttaaaaahhhhh (that’s how you should always say butter) and bacon, and there is always, always, enough. My friends know that if they want to be fed and loved on, they just call and come over or sometimes, they just show up.”


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