Week 36: Once in a Lifetime.

Blue Cicada Maternity Racheal Joseph Kwacz

I gasped a little as our app updated last night, our little poppyseed is so so so close to being full term and my heart, oh my heart.

The dr is working on her “cooking” for at least 2 more weeks and hopefully I will go into labor naturally without much intervention.

J and I are absolutely over the moon.

We are nervous, in awe, mesmerized, insanely terrified but mostly so so very excited to meet her.

To get to know her. To hold her. To love love love on her.

To think that just in a blink of an eye, 36 weeks have passed and here we are.


We are so so so close it’s almost tangible and so very real as we continue finding the courage to let go, let God, and to embrace it all.

Blue Cicada Maternity Racheal Joseph Kwacz

Yesterday, as J tucked us in, he said “Goodnight mama and baby, daddy loves you

Oh, to be able to bottle up the magic of how precious it is to see the man you adore come into his own.

Our dear sweet little girl, mama and daddy can’t wait to meet you!


p/s These beautiful photos were taken as part of a series ( –>MORE HERE!!<–) by the incredibly talented Caroline Cuinet-Wellings from Blue Cicada Photography for her heart exploding #oneyearatatime project.

We are forever grateful for her gift and talent of capturing this season of our once in a lifetime.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


A Majestic (Hotel) Romance: The Luxe Nomad Fairies


Luxe Nomad Majestic Hotel Romance|wander.kate

For Valentine’s Day, I kidnapped surprised my husband with a little romantic staycation at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Everyday leading up to it, I WANTED SO BAD to scheme with my #1 partner-in-crime but every day I would have to tell myself, NO RACHEAL NO! as I died a little from anticipation. 

Here is part one of how it all went down! 🙂

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This kind of love.

This kind of love | wander.kate

I love this song by Sister Hazel. I think it describes so perfectly how I feel about my relationship with J and it makes me catch my breath every time. I wrote this at 3am, after a night out with friends and still buzzed on the warmth and laughter of friendship and coffee. J and I stayed up so far past our bed time talking and I wanted to write it all down. Of our mini surprise Valentine’s date this weekend, of how his eyes looked like in the light of intimacy and laughter. But mostly, because I never want to take this for granted. 

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Sunday Eight: Pink Movember!

Sunday Eight: Pink Movember | wander.kate

SURPRISE! Today’s Sunday Eight is brought to you by Pink Movember. I let my husband draw a finger ‘stache on me and rocked it with pride.

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Sunday Eight.

Sunday Eight: October 27 2013

I was just telling a friend yesterday that it is absolutely insane to me that it is November next week. I want to pause time and just savor all the crazy and good. If I close my eyes, I can still see us running balcony-to-balcony catching the 2013 New Year fireworks like it was just yesterday. It made me think of all the little things piled down below big things trying to make space in our memories…which is the basis of Sunday Eights. A weekly recap of little and big “current” things in a cosy corner to hoard and share the precious nows.

A favorite moment, little silly’s I’m obsessing over, yummys that made my belly happy, things I am working on, favorite music/reads/posts. But most special to me, favorite pictures of the week from my super fancy iPhone 4 that you may or may not have to lovingly stab and say sweet nothings to as it crashes.

It made my heart smile picking which memories and pictures to post and that is exactly the heart of Sunday Eights: reliving and remembering to celebrate the precious ordinary.

♥ ♥ ♥

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