Snickerdoodle Banana Bread Love.

Snickerdoodle Banana Bread (w chia seeds!)

As part of embracing and choosing hope in this new season, I recently joined a couple of mommy groups on Facebook. It’s quite a diverse variety of mixes with lots to learn in the blessed “you too?!?!” so I’m quite excited! 🙂 🙂

There are the expat mommies where I can search out familiar comforts, a breastfeeding group, a recipe exchange group specific to cooking for young children, to my current favorite (because it is really the only group I can actively participate in now), a recipe exchange group of home cooked food!

Every day, these mommies get in their kitchen and cook up deliciousness then share their pictures with little hints and tips. It is fun and so very inspiring!

One of the ladies recently shared a banana bread recipe she made in her rice cooker and I could not stop thinking and obsessing about banana bread after that.

It’s weird because I normally stay as far away as I can from bananas (I think it’s a texture thing) but somehow when you mash it up into a loaf, my goodness is that yummy yummy yummy.

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Week 12.5: Loved.

Hi little upside down one! You are so incredibly loved.

Hi little upside down one!

Earlier this week, I had a very woe-is-me, raw, honest, heart all torn and sad update. I was also for some reason, so very nervous about our 12 week scan/visit because so so much rides on this one very little but very significant visit.

A little milestone that we survived our first trimester (though I did find out today that technically, it’s only at 14 weeks since you don’t really count the first 2 weeks…WHAT?!!?), that our little poppy seed hung on and grew and it was finally, significantly, safer to share with our world.

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Week 9: Just Breathe and Let Go(d).

I know this picture doesn't make sense but I took it before we left for the dr's.   I couldn't say so much and I couldn't talk about the so many fears, so instead, I sent my bffs bedroom selfies of a new haircut and they sent love and sunshine and laughter when I needed it the most but couldn't find my words to ask.

I know this picture doesn’t make sense but I took it before we left for the dr’s.
I couldn’t say so much and I couldn’t talk about the so many fears, so instead, I sent my bffs bedroom selfies of a new haircut and they sent love and sunshine and laughter when I needed it the most but couldn’t find my words to ask.

My biggest fear in this season is losing our little baby we’ve fallen head over heels in love with and having to put all the broken pieces back together again.

We are just shy of nine weeks today, and it is both terrifying and so very exciting.

I feel, with each week, I get bolder and bolder and I find myself wanting to share this precious news with more and more people.

My best friend is partially surprised that I haven’t shouted it from the rooftops, because I am the girl that cannot keep a secret especially if it’s a heart happy one

I couldn’t tell her the reason for a long time because I couldn’t even get the words out, afraid that a sobbing dam would be released and I wouldn’t be able to take it all back.

I can’t tell my Amie I’m pregnant with the child we prepared for because I am so afraid she will get so excited and we might lose this child and I would break some more her already broken heart.

It’s so stupid, I tell Arch. And I tell her I know it’s stupid and an irrational fear and that Amie would be sadder she didn’t know than if she did.

But I can’t.

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Lost & Found.

Not Lost. | wander.kateFor a while there, I started going back to where it all started and writing more on my personal FB page.

Late night and mid-day soliloquies of the so big and the so little was so much easier in the life-on-happy-crack-busy-busy-busy to write but I started to miss this place.

I missed the draw of writing then rewriting again.

Of editing and re-editing, crafting and re-crafting, trying and trying again.

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Day 9-16: Celebrate! #100happydays

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkateThis week held so much fun and happy that just putting together this post made my heart smile and mouth water all over again! 🙂

Yay #100happydays!

Day 9: 

We celebrated a special birthday boy with a yearly tradition of cake at midnight!

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Love Heals. #100happydays

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Hi friends,

I promise I have not fallen off the face of earth, well, I lie, this last week I really thought I was dying a slow death from the plague.

I’m a dramatic whine-a-lot when I am sick, and there is no better cure than the people you love attending your pity party of one. 🙂

My ridiculously gorgeous BFF in Springfield is the best at this.

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