Week 17: Bumps, Mums, & Muffins.

I’m going to cheat a little for week 17 and just share this post because I think it sums up so so much.


Oh and chicken wings. Week 17 is all about an unhealthy obsession with chicken wings. And J finds this so amusing because I usually hate chicken and I’ve not really wanted any meat or seafood the whole pregnancy but oh my chicken wings. Those are a whole different category completely. 🙂


peace, love, and chicken grease,


“The best part of being pregnant?
….you don’t have to suck in your gut!”


Reclaiming Christmas.

Silver Bells Christmas Tree 2013 - Reclaiming Christmas | wander.kate

I remember a couple of Christmases ago, I got a frantic 4am call, the kind that comes in the middle of the night when you can’t sift through the pieces to see how you will ever get to the other side. When dawn hasn’t broken yet, and when all the fears you keep so tightly glassed inside, bubble to the surface.

She asked so quietly, “How did you ever get through the first Christmas?”

I thought of her when I wrote this. I thought of the scared hurting girl that just wanted everything to be preciously the same for just one more day. That precious naive longing of never realizing just how devastatingly horrifying knowing that your world can collapse, would be.

We are a band of sisters, tied together by the unimaginable and pieced together with broken dreams and hopes that scream with faith to hold on for just a little longer because He has got you.

This is for you if this is a first or a fifteenth, if you’ve ever had to glue pieces of your heart together through a holiday, or if you’re wondering just how you will reclaim when you’re not sure if you will even make it through.

This is for you.

We’ve all been here, in different ways and different stories.

You are not alone. 

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