Easy Yummy Green Chile Enchilada Casserole

Easy Yummy Green Chile Enchilada Casserole

I love comfort food. Comfort food for me sometimes looks like a big bowl of fluffy white rice with beef and broccoli, or a warm bowl of vegetable broth and noodles though my current could-eat-this-everyday FAVORITEEEEEE is my mama’s Chinese Ginger Chicken Noodle (Mee Sua) Soup.

Other times though, the more “American” part of me craves for a grilled cheese sandwich with homemade tomato-ey vegetable soup, a cheese-avocado quesadilla, spicy homemade queso with chips and guacamole, or a perennial favorite, casserole of any kind with ooey-gooey perfectly browned and oozy melted cheese on top.

Please keep in mind that I’ve also just thrown up every meal for the last three months and have had to stay away from dairy so I hope it explains the cheese monster that woke up this morning and inhabited my body.

Or maybe we could just blame the sweet little awesome baby.


Let’s blame baby. 😛

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Week 11: Xie Xie Xi’an.


I tried getting out of it even till the last minute. I didn’t even pack my suitcase till the day we were leaving even though this trip was planned so so many months ago, before we even knew about our poppy seed or even the possibility of one.

I worried about not having a place to rest or if I would cramp or bleed or something bad would happen because isn’t that how your fears work? They take a little tiny thing and weave and string and twist it into a bundle of knots and worst case scenarios.

I worried about the food and food poisoning and that we were traveling at the peak of nausea and I honestly had no idea how I would cope.

I worried about the stress of traveling, the walking, the accidentally doing too much, the lack of familiar and comforts and “same”.

If I thought more about it, the heart of it was that I was so afraid of another new in this world of so much new and scary and I just wanted to hunker down for normalcy.

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Day 9-16: Celebrate! #100happydays

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkateThis week held so much fun and happy that just putting together this post made my heart smile and mouth water all over again! 🙂

Yay #100happydays!

Day 9: 

We celebrated a special birthday boy with a yearly tradition of cake at midnight!

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Love Heals. #100happydays

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Hi friends,

I promise I have not fallen off the face of earth, well, I lie, this last week I really thought I was dying a slow death from the plague.

I’m a dramatic whine-a-lot when I am sick, and there is no better cure than the people you love attending your pity party of one. 🙂

My ridiculously gorgeous BFF in Springfield is the best at this.

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Day 5: SURPRISE!!!!!!!! #100happydays

Day 5: SURPRISE!!!!!!!! #100happydays | wander.kate

Guess which lucky aunt and uncle got to spend a couple of precious hours with their favorite littles?!

Holy moly is there a God in the details, in a missed flight and an unexpected layover, a surprise at our doorstep of His plans that are always so infinitely better.

Because the so big hugs and surprise squeals, the “Uncle Joe look what I can do!” and the “Aunt Racheal look how tall I am“?

It was like extra cherries and whipped cream and hot fudge with glitter sprinkles on a sundae and OH MY HAPPY all rolled into one.

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Day 4: Legacy & Hearts #100happydays

Day 4: Legacy & Hearts #100happydays | wander.kateIt’s Qing Ming and for those first few minutes after we get there, my heart aches and I miss my Kung Kung so so much…I just wish he could have met J just one time.

Just so he would know that I was well taken care of and that I did not want for anything.

That he could sit with J, and that the man that taught me kindness and humility, could meet the man that taught me to be safe again.

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Of Paper Dresses and A Mama’s Love.

I love this little story of this so adorable girl that has food allergies and her mama that creates paper dresses with her in their sanctuaryIt has been popping up in all my newsfeeds between the joy of so many of our friends welcoming and celebrating little ones while we fend off the great “baby watch”! 

And as I stopped to take it all in, I wrote of the waiting and the in-between of being someone’s Mama. 

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