Week 18: Where Feet May Fail.

Poppyseed 18 weeks

The tears came later. Hours later. In the quiet of our bedroom and reflecting and holding each other in awe, and surprise, and surreal good good good.

We saw hands and legs, each tiny rib and each disc on a spine…it was mind-blowing and beautiful and magical.

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Day 8: When God Makes Lemonade #100happydays

When God Makes Lemonade #100happydays | wander.kateI had a quiet Saturday to myself since the boys were working and the busy bee is planning a few surprises for a someone’s birthday that shall not be named. 😛

I didn’t use to love the quiet, in fact, I used to hate the alone. When you’ve spend a gazillion lonely nights waiting, you come to hate the dark and the deafening silence of empty.

I would sit with Cody by my side on the couch and read a book, or cook up a storm to store in the freezer, or bring home work just to be busy.

It was hard to be still with the thoughts and the gut wrenching knowing that this was not the life I imagined.

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Day 6: Nasi Lemak & Ruffles! #100happydays

Nasi Lemak 3.0 Wondermama - Day 6: Selfies & Ruffles #100happydays | wander.kate

I love that my husband’s happy of the day is from our mini date together.

I was running some errands and skipped lunch so I was going to chew my arm off starving!

This handsome man met me halfway and kept me company so I wouldn’t have to inhale my nasi lemak alone.

Who knew that one of the sweetest perks of marriage is also having a lunch partner for life?

Or someone who will smile with me each time we pass a popsicle stand?

To celebrate, we took shameless selfies!!

Why are you even surprised?!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Oooh, and because J already stole one of my happiest moments of the day, I guess I’ll just have to post more silliness. 😛

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Day 1: Little Things. #100happydays

Life is beautiful

We are in a season of crazy in our lives. It’s the good kind of overwhelmed and the bone aching type of tired but it is good.

So so good and we are grateful.

Sometimes, it means fueling up on a hundred cups of coffee and go! go! go! but sometimes, it also means that this space gets neglected. 😦

I am sad about my writer’s block and my inability to have any brain cells left to even form a coherent sentence but I promise that it’s about to get better.

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Of Paper Dresses and A Mama’s Love.

I love this little story of this so adorable girl that has food allergies and her mama that creates paper dresses with her in their sanctuaryIt has been popping up in all my newsfeeds between the joy of so many of our friends welcoming and celebrating little ones while we fend off the great “baby watch”! 

And as I stopped to take it all in, I wrote of the waiting and the in-between of being someone’s Mama. 

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This kind of love.

This kind of love | wander.kate

I love this song by Sister Hazel. I think it describes so perfectly how I feel about my relationship with J and it makes me catch my breath every time. I wrote this at 3am, after a night out with friends and still buzzed on the warmth and laughter of friendship and coffee. J and I stayed up so far past our bed time talking and I wanted to write it all down. Of our mini surprise Valentine’s date this weekend, of how his eyes looked like in the light of intimacy and laughter. But mostly, because I never want to take this for granted. 

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