Week 16: A Phuket Love Story.

Indigo Pearl Phuket 2014  - 065 crop

Week 16 has probably been one of my favorite weeks of being a mama so far! I never thought this day would come but oh my goodness has this week been such a blessing and a big lesson on patience.
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Week 14: Happy Birthday me.

baby bump 14 weeks

I turn thirty today. A milestone birthday and my mind is so incredibly blown.

I am an almost end-of-the-year baby, which means that I have had the joy of watching most of my friends turn thirty before me, learning what it means to them and to me.

I wasn’t sure how this would feel, but again and again, when I have visited how this day would look and feel like, I was so very excited.

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Day 9-16: Celebrate! #100happydays

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkateThis week held so much fun and happy that just putting together this post made my heart smile and mouth water all over again! 🙂

Yay #100happydays!

Day 9: 

We celebrated a special birthday boy with a yearly tradition of cake at midnight!

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Day 2: Birthday Cake & Skinny Trees. #100happydays

Welcome to day two of our #100happydays challenge!

To explain a little, we recently just got a fancypants espresso machine so J and my dad have been making lots of cups of coffee and amusing themselves with latte art.

This is what J sent me for his happy of the day:

Latte Art

“I call it the skinny Christmas tree.” 

He is a man of very little words but is so dang adorable. I am so glad we decided to to this together because YES.


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Oh, sweet love.

Oh, sweet love. | wander.kate

I love new love, it is sick and nauseous and so dang adorable. It is the intoxicating can’t-live-without-you wonder fueled with the hard work of wanting to make the person you love to the moon and back beam from ear-to-ear. It is Yohan’s birthday this week, and it is the first time Catherine (his new fiance!) is celebrating with him. She called in a panic the week before, and then on Saturday night, and then again on Sunday morning.

She was worried about her surprise, if it was good enough, special enough, worthy enough. And I smiled, remembering J and I’s sweet firsts, that nervous anticipation of when you don’t quite know someone yet, but you do know that the smile he smiles when he’s so damn happy, makes all the butterflies in your tummy go into a frenzy. And you know, you just know, that you will chase this high for the rest of your life. You will spend the rest of your life making him this happy because your heart falls in love over and over again every time.
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