This summer, J and I were surprised and in awe to learn of God’s infinite wisdom and plan for us. Growing a tiny little human has been a battle of faith, of believing in things we cannot see and cannot know and submitting that we will follow this path wherever it leads us, whether ashes or beauty because His purpose is always so much more beautiful than ours.

This is our journey of a little poppy seed, a trusting mama, and a papa who will move mountains to build us a safe place.



Of Paper Dresses and A Mama’s Love.

The beginning, the start of a hope and the whisper of a prayer.

Terrified, Trusting & Mesmerized.

How we found out, an American Hari Raya Eid surprise, and the comforting love of a tribe.

Week 4: Little Poppy.

A dazed cocoon of wonder, a hair cut, and an HCG pumped eating machine.

Week 5: Dancing in Worship.

The first time back in church and mustard seed faith.

Week 6: Be Still.

A dr.’s visit, the devastation of unknowns, and baby’s first picture!

Week 7: Heart Thief.

A second opinion, a first bump picture and the awe of a tiny raspberry heartbeat.

Week 8: Holy Nausea Batman.

A special ultrasound, crazy nausea, and the kind anchor of a partner-in-crime.

Week 9: Just Breathe and Let Go(d).

Broken hearts and best friends in this season of waiting.

Week 10: A Whole Lot of Nothing.

The sweet scary nothing of ‘vanilla’ bed rest, strange cravings and a delicious sweet and sour chicken baby.

Week 11: Xie Xie Xi’an.

On conquering fears, a mama’s love, and the sacred bond of big brothers and sisters.

Week 12: Unexpected.

Wrestling the beast of expectation, hormones, and the balm of comforting quiet in the lonely.

Week 12.5: Loved.

An upside-down GROWING ON SIZE(!!) peach, a special announcement, and a loved beyond measure kampung that heals.

Week 13: The Plague!

The encouragement of here, intense mac & cheese emergencies, and God’s grace in a tiny growing baby bump.

Week 14: Happy Birthday me.

Milestone birthdays, cakes and 30 lessons for 30.

Week 15: Sinking In.

An actual BABY BUMP(!!!), an avocado obsession, and the joy of detours.

Week 16: A Phuket Love Story.

Of measuring the depth of His and his grace and love in the complicated, messy, chaotic, and beautifully unexpected here.

Week 17: Bumps, Mums, & Muffins.

A first, the surprise of a bigger bump, and chicken grease.

Week 18: Where Feet May Fail.

A sacred shy first glimpse on a 4d ultrasound (!!), a maybe-gender, and learning to walk on water.


15 thoughts on “Bump-Dates!

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