publishers by day, ninja lovers by night.

she is:

a hopeless romantic, passionately optimistic, grey’s anatomy and scandal warrior, silly loud laugher, quasi foodie, pinterest hoarder, barely reaches the kitchen cabinet certified klutz, his one in seven billion, has one dimple.

he is: 

a surprise ninja, strong and steady, adorably nerdy, spoils her silly-er, a quiet listener, star trek lover, gadget connoisseur, so very kind and tall, her best friend, has two dimples.

they are:

dorky partners-in-crime, traffic light dancers, off-key singers, travel junkies, secret keepers, dream weavers, amazing race/castle/suits/survivor/got(!!) buddies, our-dinner-table-always-has-room-for-one-more believers, each other’s.

runs on coffee, banana leaf rice, faith and a whole lot of love. 

we’d love to say hi on facebook or pinterest! 🙂


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