Week 13: The Plague!

Baby bump 13 weeks

I recently discovered that I have the start of a baby bump!?!? *extremelyexcitedsqueal*

My throat started getting itchy and scratchy and sore around Tuesday, the tell-tale signs of an infection starting to set in and I don’t think you’ve ever seen a girl so frantically swish salt water and make neti pots but alas, here I am, full blown tonsillitis, a stuffy nose, an earache and making peace with the crud trying to make a home in my lungs.

I finally caved and picked up some pregnancy-safe antibiotics (Zinnat) and antiseptic rinse (Thymol) from the doctor.

I physically don’t feel good but I will take it any day over emotionally not feeling good and I am so grateful this week, the hormones aren’t going crazy.

I made myself some concoction of steeped lemon and ginger with honey and while I’m not sure exactly of the “healing” properties, the soothing properties of a warm cup of love and sunshine made me pretty happy.

Even more special, my mama making me Asian chicken noodle soup (ginger wine chicken without the wine or the chicken with mee suah ftw!) and my husband hunting down mac and cheese.

After avoiding dairy at all cost the last couple of weeks, all I’ve wanted this week is homemade tomato vegetable soup with a grilled cheese sandwich/cheese quesadilla/baked mac and cheese (no breadcrumbs)/melted mozzarella on toast or some version of melted cheese and a plain carb.


These cravings/aversions/food issues are so weird.

But yay! I can’t tell you how lifted and encouraged and renewed I have felt all week knowing that baby girl/boy is growing and thriving and right on target.

We jokingly call it our little parasite, since it sucks whatever it nutrition it needs from my body but oh honey, take whatever you need just please please continue to be healthy and thrive and grow and become a baby.

I forgot to mention too that we also saw our tiny little baby MOVE during our ultrasound and as the doctor oohed and ahhed and got so excited to show us (bless her precious awesome loving heart), we just stood and stared and marveled in silence, breaking into the biggest smile.



We have a baby.

And our baby is doing well and has little limbs and is the size of a peach!


As the dr illustrated how big that was, I couldn’t wrap my head around God’s grace that has brought us from a tiny little barely there poppy seed to a moving, wriggling, distinctively growing peach.

God is good and we will praise Him, plague or storms or little miracles.

“From birth I was given to You; from my mother’s womb you have been my God.”
~Psalm 22:10


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