Week 10: A Whole Lot of Nothing

When you want a pastry but you're not sure which one baby will agree with so you take a bite of each to gauge his/her reaction. :)

When you want a pastry but you’re not sure which one baby will agree with so you take a bite of each to gauge his/her reaction. 🙂

I need sunshine.

I need to get out and freeze in an air-conditioned mall and walk my favorite grocery store picking and smelling and touching produce.

But I’m still in a lot of pain so the times we’ve attempted an excursion to see the outside world has been a miserable fail.

No scans this week and no major updates except nausea.

Lots of nausea.

Holy batman nausea.

Apparently, my uterus is trying to grow a placenta for baby so I’ve been extra tired and extra nausea-y which means I’ve pretty much been in bed resting most of the week.

I am grateful that I am blessed to be able to take this sabbatical from work and just focus on growing this baby.

(Grow, baby, grow!)

It’s been interesting learning to adjust to this transition of being a go-go-go to a rest-rest-rest.

Some days, it makes me cranky and sad and overwhelmed.

And some days, I embrace and make peace and keep my eyes on the prize.

I feel my body getting soft and squishy, and I’m at that stage where I don’t look pregnant but I look a little rounder and chubbier.

Cute from my husband’s perspective.

We’re also both kind of extremely fascinated with what hormones do to what is usually a very flat chest.

(But it’s a no-go zone lah. Don’t be so dirty-minded!)

My days revolve a lot around four walls and laying in bed so I’ve had to find humor in the little things.

Somedays, this means that in my stir-crazy, I find the most mundane and silly things hilarious.

Thankfully, my husband is just as dorky and just as indulging.

Which the current craving is anything sour.

Sour pomelo. Sour grapefruit. Sour starfruit. Papaya with lime. Tonic water with salt and lime.

And the only meat I want to eat this week is sweet and sour chicken.

Oh glorious sweet and sour chicken.

Like I said, I don’t get out much and week ten has been a whole lot of nothing.

Which in the scary baby growing world, is awesome.


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