Week 7: Heart Thief

Dr's visit, sunshine, and Indian comfort food.

Dr’s visit, sunshine, and Indian comfort food.

We just came back from the best possible prenatal visit we could have had with Dr Raman from FGMC.

I cannot sing high enough praises for this doctor, who we accidentally found through google, God, and Adam Ong.

He was wise and kind and immediately gave J and I such a sense of peace and comfort that everything was in control, taking the time to ask questions and explain his diagnosis and what went where and how to the newbies.

I love that he was professional and his experience showed yet he still was so warm and fatherly, telling us about his daughters that are about our age, making us feel at ease.

We are in awe of His perfect timing and reassurance, smiling ear-to-ear as we walked out of his clinic.

Unfortunately (and fortunately!), we will not be using Dr Raman for the rest of our pregnancy save for some milestone scans.

He is actually a fetal maternal specialist that primarily only works high risk pregnancies (and c-sections) which thankyoubabyJesus we don’t fall into.

J and I discussed our options and ultimately felt that as much as we don’t enjoy the distance to Subang, (Dr Raman delivers in Pantai Bangsar), we still feel more comfortable with Dr Tang (Boon Nee) who is equally as kind, patient, and motherly, over a stranger doctor.

(If we choose to go with Dr Raman for our prenatal visits, his colleague that does normal uneventful deliveries would be the one that will take care of us during the birth which might have been feasible if I wasn’t such a stranger danger freak.)

Nonetheless, I want to encourage you in case Dr Google led you here and you’re researching for everything on Dr Raman like we did yesterday, to go ahead and make an appointment to let him look you over, whether it’s a “normal” and definitely if it’s a high-risk pregnancy.

I love that even with a roomful of patients, he did not rush our appointment through and more than anything else in the world, that he immediately and accurately diagnosed this intense pain with just a poke and smile as a pulled/torn abdominal muscle.

I know, all that drama for a pulled/torn muscle!

Yesterday afternoon, as I writhed in stabbing shooting pains, I was so afraid I was going to lose this baby.

I couldn’t even walk a few feet before collapsing in pain and in an epic “oh shit something’s wrong” moment, I was in one of my favorite grocery stores and asked to sit down and go home instead of buying a cartful of produce to cook up a storm.

I knew that this pain was not normal but desperately kept hoping that it was just a typical pregnancy horror : constipation/bloating/my uterus growing/etc.

But a torn/pulled muscle?


But better than that, today, J and I saw and heard (!!) the little one’s heartbeat for the first time.

We broke into such big smiles and awe as Dr Raman patiently pointed everything out and how it worked.

What a precious gift,  that even though this is something that probably happens every hour for him, he recognized what a special moment this was for us and took the time to celebrate with us.

I am completely mesmerized and head-over-heels in awe of God’s design for child birth.

Our little raspberry is currently measuring at 6 weeks and 6 days with a due date of April 8, 2015, give or take 3 days.

Overjoyed doesn’t even begin to come close.

I thought I would start taking baby bump pictures in celebration…not very much going on but here's week 7! :)

I thought I would start taking baby bump pictures in celebration…not very much going on but here’s week 7! 🙂

Thank you thank you thank you Lord.


 “When I cried out for you, you answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.”
~Psalm 138:3


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2 thoughts on “Week 7: Heart Thief

    • Me too! I love that he taught me how to differentiate between the uterus expelling pain (like heavy deep low cramps) and the torn/pulled muscle (higher up and along the muscle line that you can poke and instant shooting pain) so I knew when to worry and when to just breathe through it.

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