Love Heals. #100happydays

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Hi friends,

I promise I have not fallen off the face of earth, well, I lie, this last week I really thought I was dying a slow death from the plague.

I’m a dramatic whine-a-lot when I am sick, and there is no better cure than the people you love attending your pity party of one. 🙂

My ridiculously gorgeous BFF in Springfield is the best at this.


Say hi to Amie!

Say hi Amie!

She gives me the biggest hug and the most pitiful “OH POOOOOOR POOOOOOOORRR BABBBYYYY” and I instantly feel ten times better.

We then smile so big at each other as she tells me “Let me make you a nice warm soothing mug of shut the hell up” and we laugh and laugh and laugh.

That’s real love y’all.

(Just so you don’t think the most amazing person on earth is a monster, she really does make me hot tea with honey and lemon and is totally the 3am friend you call for emergency NyQuil)

Anyway, I told you that story to tell you this one of my charming and ridiculously handsome one in six billion.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Say hi J!

When I packed up and moved to Malaysia, one of the hardest things for me to say goodbye to was all these beautiful friendships and stand-in families I love love LOVED to the moon and back.

My sweet husband honors these relationships and whenever I am down with THE SUCK SICK , he puts on his best Amie voice and says “OH POOOOOOR POOOOOOOORRR BABBBYYYY” and it makes me laugh every time. 

This last week, he’s had to baby me through a cold and a sinus infection and a sore throat with a pretty sight of nausea and cold sweats to boot! Blech.

But really, he’s been my strong and steady the last couple of weeks as well. 

If you follow my FB feed, you know that some pretty big things happened and it’s been a heartbreaking time of finding His grace and redemption in the little things.

I threw a colossal tantrum with the universe and refused to find the happy because it all just felt so so wrong.

(Totally dramatic, I know)

But then I thought about who my Uncle Duain is and everything he stood for and I know, it would make him so sad that I wanted to hide in the dark because he has always taught me to shine my light.

I wasn’t sure how to get back on track for #100happydays, so I thought I would just do a collective phone dump of the last couple of weeks. 

Weeks and days are mixed up and sloshed around but there is still so much good that makes my insides smile and reminds me that love really does heal.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

My best girl came in for the weekend and I was more than happy to oblige in her request of a girly girl date with her Auntie Racheal. 
This little sunshine made my bruised broken heart smile a gazillion million times… it is so neat to see the wonder and awe through her eyes and the boyish maturity of her brother who sat on my lap and told me so many stories.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

This little banana-munching, big-smile-laughing, animated-babbling delight is a spitfire of charm and personality! We got to spend a couple of days together and she took a bunch of selfies (so much fun!) that I sent to the other baby B lovers to make them jealous. 😛

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

This is why you need a kampung. Auntie Elke surprised us with a freshly baked loaf of bread all wrapped in love and Hello Kitty goodness just because.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

And the next morning, my dad got up early and surprised his girls with French Toast for breakfast! Love grows wild y’all.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

J went out with the boys and came home with a midnight Maggi Mee Goreng that made my heart so very happy and yummy.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

You should have seen the look on J’s face when he found out it was homemade pizza night! The pizza ain’t pretty but my Mama Rosemary taught me it’s not what it looks like that matters, it’s the gathering and the loving and the showing up that’s the most important of all.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

For so many reasons, this was one of my absolute favorite and so very very magical days at work.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

I have a terrible habit of taking off my jewelry at my desk while I’m working. At the end of the day, I’ve stripped off my watch, earrings, necklaces, etc and by the end of the week, it’s all a cluttered mess of I can’t find anything and bits and pieces of forgotten. I found these minty teal goodness at Daiso (our version of the dollar store) and I now have a pretty little place to store all my crap. YAY!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

I met Catherine for coffee and yummy (French Toast & Caramelized Bananas / Ham & Cheese Toastie). She asked me if I wanted to talk about the big fat white elephant in the room and I said no thank you, so we ate and laughed and talked about everything else which was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Then she giggly took me to her salon to get my hair did and nails done. I thought I was just entertaining her but this little crown jewel made my life!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

And while we’re being lala, I decided to trade out my pink ombre hair for a little ash gray love!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

I could have died from the cuteness when this tiny little girl sat so still and quiet as Yoshi got on his knees to trim her bangs!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

My crazy and equally adorable mom came home from a ladies trip with TWO bags full of goodies for Winnie and I! Who knew Taiwan made such incredibly comfortable shoes?!? It’s like walking on air!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Daniel and Winnie were in London for some business and one of our publishers arranged for them to watch a game and meet the players. He was so excited to meet the guy in the middle (I forgot his name, sorry) I couldnt help but smile so big with him when he sent us this picture!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

My mom left for Florida to go be with my Auntie Donna but we kept them and my Uncle Duain in our hearts as we celebrated Easter Sunday. You can read more about the story behind the painting here.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

For dinner, my awesome sister-in-law made chilli and bacon egg fritatas while my sexy husband grilled up lamb chops. I made a fruit salad and celebrated finding Cara-Cara oranges and sweet Australian mangoes at the store!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

I took this picture because at lunch, J secretly exchanged the watermelon from my bento with his because he knew that the imperfectly massacred triangles would drive my OCD heart crazy! Oh how I love this boy that knows me so very well and loves me in spite of my cray cray.

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

J and I snuck out and celebrated our 2nd ROM anniversary! We had steaks, bubbly baked truffle mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and a BOWL of roasted onions I illegally and gleefully ordered with approval from J!! 🙂
(You have to watch our wedding video to understand)

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

More special than that, we shared our ROM date with my groomsmaid bff and watched them sign their way to happily ever after!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

In turn, they surprised us with a little anniversary cake that had magical heart shaped chocolates bits folded into the ice cream!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

My anniversary gift to J was I finally agreed to watch Game of Thrones with him! HOLY SMOKES Khaleesi! and Hodor! and ahh! I had no idea how much I would love it but LOVE. I’m only in Season 2 and I’m not sure how many more people they will ruthlessly kill but it’s been so fun to watch it with J and it got us all buzzed to finally finish J’s 3D Game of Thrones puzzle!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

I’m really not a cat person but Nick found these little kitties in his house and sent us a picture. I briefly considered adopting one before realizing that it might be the drugs talking. I think Kittyvinder is rubbing off on me! NOOOO!

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Did you catch my crazy pants on the FB page? (Come say hi!)

Love Heals #100happydays | wanderkate

Just to keep it real and for a laugh, I’m sharing the ugly selfie I sent to my bff detailing my photoshop fail. There’s an app all my ninja friends swear by called Photowonder, it magically sucks your fat in and makes your eyes bigger. I obviously need a lot more practice. 😛

On that fun note, I’ll see you guys soon and hopefully, we’ll get these #100happydays back on track again. Thanks for being so patient and awesome! 🙂 🙂 🙂

alien-eyes & lopsided-cheeks r

“My friends remind me, by their very steadfastness, that truth, beauty, and goodness exist in the world, and that, no matter what, there are and always will be people loving people through thick and thin.”
~Kay Foley


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Better yet, join us and share your happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂




4 thoughts on “Love Heals. #100happydays

  1. Ohhhhh….pooooorrrr baby! (Accompanied by a loving hug and a hand rubbed on your back)
    When I read the first few lines of your post, that was exactly what came to my mind. My sweet Malaysian sister needed some poor baby kind of love! Then I read a few more lines, and I burst into laughter and tears. A genuine poor baby followed some love filled sarcasm…now let me fix you a warm cup of shut the hell up.😄 Sometimes when you feel really bad, you need a little laughter to remind you the yucky won’t last forever!
    You’ve been on my mind constantly this last week. You love beyond measure, and you grieve with the same intensity. It’s what makes you the amazing, thoughtful, vivacious, bursting-at-the-seams-with-love kind of Racheal! I’m sending a huge hug, a side of poor baby, a little sarcasm, and a whole lot of love your way!❤️

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  3. you’ve been missed!! how lovely to read an update, finally (: i was wondering how you were getting on with the #100happydays challenge. alien eyes & sucked in cheeks are the way to go! btw, where did you and J go for your anniversary dinner?

    prettypretty cake, i have to say. (jealous!) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you crazy cats ❤

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