Day 2: Birthday Cake & Skinny Trees. #100happydays

Welcome to day two of our #100happydays challenge!

To explain a little, we recently just got a fancypants espresso machine so J and my dad have been making lots of cups of coffee and amusing themselves with latte art.

This is what J sent me for his happy of the day:

Latte Art

“I call it the skinny Christmas tree.” 

He is a man of very little words but is so dang adorable. I am so glad we decided to to this together because YES.


For me, it was getting to celebrate Nicky Nick Nick’s birthday with a room full of good friends and so much laughter.

How adorable is this picture?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s tradition that every birthday, our little gang gets together for dinner somewhere. Sometimes, it’s crabs the size of your face in our favorite little shack in SS2, sometimes it’s roast duck and truffles with durian pancakes for dessert and a missing partner-in-crime. And on a really good weekend, sometimes it’s a little fun mish-mash that starts with lunch, progresses to tea, breaks for coffee, barbecue for dinner, and ends with leftovers for supper with so much laughing and stories in between.

I will never forget one year, we were meeting up for Nick’s birthday and on the way to the restaurant, I decided to deliberately make myself late to stop at a cake shop.

I hate being late, I think it is rude and a terrible sin of it’s own so I was so embarrassed to be late. I don’t know why I did it, I don’t know why I turned to find a cake at the very last minute or if Nick even wanted one or if someone else was bringing one because Nick really isn’t a dessert person anyway.

I love cake, and I especially love cake on my birthday, and I’ve known Nick since I was seven and he’s pretty awesome, plus it’s his birthday so cake must be had…right? 

(This is really how my brain works)

I don’t even remember what flavor it was but I remember that when I walked into the restaurant, Nick broke into the biggest smile when he saw that I had cake. He told me how he had really wanted one but didn’t want to impose. But the part that floored me was when he said “I KNEW IT! I knew you would get me one!”.

And in that second I knew what made me stop for cake. I stopped because I believe passionately that you should always celebrate the happy. I stopped because I wanted to celebrate my friend. I wanted to share that special feeling you get when you are surrounded by your favorite people singing completely out of tune, dreaming big dreams and blowing out candles.

I am a mother hen and I wanted him to smile so big and for him to know that he was so very loved.

I’ve unofficially become the cake girl, sometimes it’s tiramisu, sometimes it’s chocolate, sometimes it’s a fruit pie disguised as cake but it is an honor.

Nick likes to tease me that I really only am the cake person because I love that I get to pick the flavor! This may or may not be partially true.

This afternoon, after checking out four different cake shops in Gardens, I finally caved and called him to ask what he wanted.

On the one day, where he could have said unicorns pooping rainbows with little elves holding it up, and I would have come hell or high water found a way to make it happen, he said, “You get to choose the flavor.”

Because it really isn’t about the cake or getting to blow candles on your birthday. I mean cake is delicious and a special kind of happy but really, he was most of all so excited that we were all coming and that we were all going to be there as he welcomed in his dirty sexy 30’s.

So each birthday, I make sure to stop and get cake on the way to dinner.

So we can sing an excited happy happy birthday and celebrate the heck out of our guest of honor.

And there is always that moment, where you smile because everyone else is smiling and there is just so much love in the air it makes your happy tank overflow and your heart explode a hundred different ways to Sunday.

I love that freaking moment.

“You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else.

You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things.”
~Jamie Tworkoski

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3 thoughts on “Day 2: Birthday Cake & Skinny Trees. #100happydays

  1. So nice!!! Miss you all! And that cake looks awesome! Btw, I totally started 100happydays on twitter today, hahahaha! Guess one more push was all I needed 🙂

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