A Majestic (Hotel) Romance: The Luxe Nomad Fairies


Luxe Nomad Majestic Hotel Romance|wander.kate

For Valentine’s Day, I kidnapped surprised my husband with a little romantic staycation at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Everyday leading up to it, I WANTED SO BAD to scheme with my #1 partner-in-crime but every day I would have to tell myself, NO RACHEAL NO! as I died a little from anticipation. 

Here is part one of how it all went down! 🙂

The night before, after J fell sleep, I hid some post-it notes all over the room…

Post-it love. - A Majestic (Hotel) Romance. | wander.kate

Love these pink xoxo post-its from Knock-Knock! (Sundays @ Bangsar Village)

We have a silly pun-derful ritual of leaving each other post-it notes

Post-it love. - A Majestic (Hotel) Romance. | wander.kate

You get more points if it’s extra *facepalm* like la la la love you in the shower! 🙂

…but there was a little something this morning I don’t think he was expecting! 

Post-it love. - A Majestic (Hotel) Romance. | wander.kate


I packed J an overnight bag and even triple-checked to make sure I included underwear!

Throughout the week, I would collect little ideas and my foodie guru (love her!) graciously walked me through making some chocolate-dipped strawberries and pretzels.

Chocolate Covered Love - A Majestic (Hotel) Romance. | wander.kate

This magnet from Nostalgic Art (Borders) made me laugh so hard because chocolate really understands yo!

There’s a neat story behind why and our first Valentine but back to the Majestic Hotel…

A Majestic (Hotel) Romance. | wander.kate


J and I really LOVE restored boutique hotels so this Art Deco meets Colonial stunner (built in the 30s!) really spoke to our hearts when we visited for a friend’s birthday. On the way home that night and high on pretty, we talked about possibly coming back for a weekend away…

(Please keep that in mind as you meet Impulsive Racheal in the next couple of sentences. 😛 )

I’m subscribed to a travel deal site called The Luxe Nomad. The best way to describe it is as if Mr&Mrs Smith and Priceline had a baby.

Every week, it sends this travel junkie dreamy emails of gorgeous island getaways to lust over. This usually happens when I’m in the office wading through paperwork and oh so easily influenced.

Thankfully, Mr Romance usually takes care of all our plans. 🙂 J is a holiday/date/everything ninja and can put together a great itinerary with pretty AND personalized oh-my-happy! Plus he isn’t impulsive sticks to a budget!

That’s a lot of pressure on a girl.

Right about my panic point,  I got their weekly love and in there was the *perfect* romance package…for the Majestic Hotel! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Luxe Nomad Majestic Hotel Romance|wander.kate


Within minutes and with a super helpful chat assistant (she pops up as soon as you log in), I had a reservation, a confirmation, and a weekend of fun and activities all lined up!

I literally went from a night-in building 3D jigsaw puzzles (true story) to hero! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now…the biggest question was, would it be what was promised or was this deal really too good to be true?

Come back to find out!


“He has taught you that love doesn’t come in sizes, but in the precious ordinary, the sacred mundane, the sunshine of goodness and laughter, the tangled weave of where friendship and love meet at the stoplight of a busy intersection where someone always believes in you. It is where grace always fills your cup half full and love is always always enough.” 

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