Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

I work in an office full of men. Or at least the ones that would steal borrow things from my desk are men. If you know my office environment, you understand that I say this with love. As a joke, I made a rule that I only buy pink crap for my desk. Pink staplers, pink hole punchers, pink post-it notes, pink highlighters…it’s quite a secret pink love fest in my drawer. Even my all-purpose cleaner/emergency febreeze hidden under my desk is pink.

Wait, what do you mean normal people don’t do that?

Well anyway, I highly recommend it, it cleans everything and anything with a squirt and smells delicious. Method all-purpose Pink Grapefruit. Get it!

It makes me giggle a little that if the boys are going to steal borrow my calculator, they have to at least rock a pink one. Also, it makes it really easy to hunt it down. I blame this decision entirely on how I started to really like the color pink. It didn’t actually start out that way, but then spend 8 hours a day with some pink accessories and look for it and what do you know, you’ve planned the most important day of your life in shades of beautiful gorgeous blush pink.

What the heck was I talking about again?

Oh yes, washi tape.

Washi tape is amazing.

Washi tape is the best invention in the history of ever.

Washi tape is my love.

You can use it for just about anything. It’s personalized, it adds a little something, it’s functional, and it’s so damn pretty to look at.

Also, it’s kind of stupid easy to use.

You just cut, tape, and it’s instant magic.

These are my top fun ways to use and decorate with Washi Tape!

Instant PRETTY Giftwrap!

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

I love this kid. Love, love, LOVE this kid.

This is really how this post started. My sweet adorable awesome little cousin in Australia sent me a surprise birthday package in the mail. And I squealed when I got it, and oh my god, look how adorable it is all wrapped up with some washi tape!

You can use tissue paper, you can use newspaper, you can use fancy gift wrap but a little washi tape will make it pop! Use one kind, use three kinds, doesn’t matter, it’s still instant awesome pretty!

p.s. the personalized tag with a childhood nickname is also important. It’s love in a split second. You can use anything, pretty scrap paper you have lying around, or make it rustic with some butcher paper, and tape it off with….wait for it….pretty washi tape!

Happy Pretty Labels ! ♥♥♥

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

A little heart at the end always makes such a difference. Always put the heart for extra happy insurance. 🙂

I use washi tape in my office to label my in-out-junk box. And my file holders. And as sticky notes in a pinch. And I put it in my tape dispenser sometimes just for fun.

Sometimes I get fancy and use pretty markers, sometimes I just use a pen.

I love that these are so easily removed too. It is basically pretty masking tape and so they are sticky enough to stay but not too sticky that I can still change it out without some intense Goo-gone scrubbing.

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

See the little heart says please file me. It makes me this much more motivated.

In the washi tape vs the label maker debate, while my OCD heart loves that everything is all symmetrical and perfect on the label maker, the washi tape wins out because it’s semi-permanent, is way cheaper, and so very pretty to look at.

p.s. They work great at labeling those little refillable travel bottles too! Easy to switch out yet doesn’t come off in the shower! WIN! I feel the need to tell you this even though you’re probably a lot smarter, don’t use an inky pen for this task. I dare you to ask me why I know.

This is MINE!

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

Color coded win.

This is probably the easiest and prettiest travel hack I learned.

Mark your stuff! I use it to “mark” my chargers, my headphones, thumb drives, or anything else that can be easily mixed up. Great minds think alike, what this means is that it’s more than likely you will have four bottles of the same brand of sunscreen, or like in our last Bali trip with some of our favorite people, at least 10 Apple chargers for iPads, iPhones, iPods, iCrack.

One strip of washi tape and I knew exactly which was mine while the rest of the dudes had to duke it out. 😛

But better than that, it’s not obnoxious and shout-y and doesn’t remind me of grade school where you had to write your name everywhere. I prefer subtle. And I certainly prefer pretty pink stripes. 🙂

For a big party, at your drink station, you can have a couple rolls of washi tape and markers for guests to mark their drinks.
For a smaller dinner party, you could go ahead and mark their wine glasses at the stem (like flags) with their names and it also doubles up as place card holders.

Up the Ante on a Party!

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

Oh washi tape, you make my heart so happy

This is my number one use for washi tape. How do you personalize a party without spending a crap ton of money?

EASY! Buy washi tape in your “theme” colors and tape the crap out of everything!

If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice that I just recycled what I already had and “themed” it up to make it work.

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

For a while there, I was *obsessed* with disposable wooden utensils…until I used them and realized that they really don’t do much except look pretty.

Cheap wine glasses BECAME fun little holders for utensils
Clear vases/drinking glasses BECAME pretty candy holders
Paper straws BECAME PARTTAAAYYYYY straws with flags that said “celebrate!” and “happy birthday!”

(Just write with a “white-out” pen for contrast then tape over the straw and cut a triangle out for the “flag”)

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

The hardest part of this project was cutting the stupid circle labels. It is surprisingly hard to cut the perfect circle without a puncher!

I could mix and match random things I found in the house, and because I used the same color on all the tables, it all cohesively came together. I even taped off some of our serving bowls on our buffet table (not pictured. boo.) to really sell it.

Have fun with it! I played around with different ways of taping it when I got bored, hence the “swirl” ones 😛

Washi Tape Love - Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

I’m sorry these are not the best photos. I always forget to take photos of our setup at parties and then I am so sad after. SOMEONE PLEASE REMIND ME!

I overestimated the amount of tape I would need. A little roll really does go a LONG way! So for Christmas, I pulled out the leftover red tape and made a fun little candy bar. Same concept, same easy taping, and it made it look like I had planned it all out that way. Haha.


In Malaysia, I have found some at Sundays (Bangsar Village) and in Borders. Sometimes, you will also come across a pretty awesome selection at scrapbook stores and flea markets but the first two are where I mostly buy mine. Daiso also carries some version of it, the drawback is that the designs are a little hit and miss but you can’t beat RM5!

In America, I’ve seen them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes also at Target but not always.

If all else fails, Pinterest tells me you can make your own! I am really tempted to try it but it would cost me so much more to buy the (imported) skor tape and stamps and ink pads etc. etc. here. Mostly, I just need to guard my heart because I would be so so tragically sad if it didn’t work out.

Have you tried it? Did it work? Can you pretty please share your washi tape secrets and uses? 🙂

the washi tape lover

You think you’re smart until you try to turn on someone else’s shower.

p/s Please feel free to pin/like/follow/share but please don’t steal my images. I obviously worked really hard at instagramming them! 😛 But seriously, don’t steal-lah. Pinjam can.


14 thoughts on “Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape!

    • First of all, can I just say I love your screen name? 🙂

      Also, washi tape is essentially pretty masking tape. If it’s not sticking, it might be old or drying out in the heat depending on where you store it…or cheap. 🙂 though I usually find the opposite problem with the cheap’s too sticky! Try the mt brand. It’s what I mostly use and washi away!

      • I thought I’d try to be clever since you have this super-cute awesome blog ;P
        Yeah I think it is just old or cheap – haha. 🙂 I actually try to stay away! *gasp*
        Miss you much!

  1. I must admit thatI didn’t wrap your present! The bag is actually handmade by someone here in Brisbane and she asked if I’d like a little message to go with it (YESHHHHH!). Even better that she made it look all pretty too! 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Oooh, pretty! I can attest to the iphone charger one probably being the most useful use of washi tape ever 😉 Mine also tend to peel a bit, especially off plastic, but since I buy mine randomly off amazon or ebay I guess they’re also cheap la. I’ll find myself a good brand eventually and settle on it 🙂

    I’ve also taken a liking to fabric tape…instead of pretty paper tape it is pretty cotton tape. Haven’t tried out the ones I got yet, but I shall report back.

    Also, thought you might like this too – a nice coincidence to see both your posts arrive in my inbox on the same day 🙂
    Printing on tape:

    • I LOVE the fabric lace ones! It’s what I used on the frame decor at the wedding! I found some cheap washi tape at Publika yesterday, just a little random pop-up booth that was selling other paper/party goods! Wish you were joining us for Thanksgiving this year…send our love to G.

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  5. thanks for sharing where you find `em here!! that would definitely have been a question from me. hehe. i can’t ever seem to find `em.. grrrr. never thought to look in daiso though! big mistake on my part, huh. daiso has everythinggg.

    • Dear sgrmse, I’m so sorry I’m the worst replier in the history of ever! I just saw this!! But yes, it’s recently had a really huge pick up in followers in Malaysia and other than Daiso, a lot of flea markets also carry them! Kaison in Paradigm Mall has a great and inexpensive selection too!

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